With climate change taking place at an alarming rate, there is no denying that industrial companies need to find ways to power their facilities sustainably and ethically. Neuron Bio Industrial is providing that platform to get us into the next decade and to sustain the future of industrial workers.

What We Offer

Using microorganisms and organic cultures, we find appropriate and sustainable ways to promote growth within the bio fuel, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Big oil currently is causing more problems that it is development. With continual protests, spills and environmental disasters, we see that change needs to happen in order to prevent destroying what resources we have left. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals are no stranger to these disasters. Using microorganisms to fill in the gaps, we are striving for a better way to continue the growth of our national industries.

Leading our team are researchers that are not only passionate about their field, but the leaders in that field. These researchers have been indispensible in terms of innovation of our products. Our microorganism collection is unparalleled and always changing, and combined with Microbiotools by neuron, we are making progress in finding alternatives to traditional industrial processes.

Choosing Bioindustrial Over Other Green Alternatives

While strides have been made in the fields of green technology and green fuel, we at Neuron Bio Industrial believe that Bioindustrial is the cleanest and most sustainable technologies of them all. Some of the benefits include:

  • Low Impact on the Surrounding Environment: Oil, fracking, and traditional energy extraction methods have already taken an irreversible toll on the environment. Our microorganisms come from the environment, meaning they will not have the same impact as traditional methods. While wind and solar plants are sustainable alternatives to traditional energy extraction and industrial production, they can take up valuable space and disturb wildlife, our centers are contained and non-invasive.
  • Sustainable: Our microorganisms are plentiful, meaning that they should always be available. Additionally, our large collection is diverse, meaning that we are always finding new and better ways to improve on things that industrialization has traditionally lacked in.
  • Low Cost: The cost to sustain, contain and reproduce microorganisms is a fraction of both traditional industrial methods and new green methods. Not only are these innovations top-of-the-line, but they also will save national industries millions of dollars in production losses and environmental damages.

Questions & Contact

Above all, our company believes in transparency in the industrial fields. If you have any questions, or would like to contact us, please send us an email. We will respond during the same business week.