When I sit at my home in Nigra Falls, New York, I ponder how I can reduce my carbon footprint on the Earth. I have solar panels, and I recycle and compost. I consider myself a responsible human, but my small footprint is part of a much bigger picture. The world needs sustainable energy, and it cannot afford to rely on environmentally damaging fossil fuels any longer. Additionally, our pharmaceutical industry is plagued with high costs and difficult manufacturing processes. I want to change this, so I’ve created Neuron Bioindustrial, a company that focuses on environmentally-friendly solutions for industry through the use of microorganisms. Our solutions are creating solutions for industries that are causing negative impacts on Earth, and we are transforming the pharmaceutical industry through ingenuity.

If you have questions about our products, projects, or if you have a proposal, contact me, Madeline Evans, at neuronbio@humanoid.net. I look forward to hearing from you!