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Neol Biosolutions (Neol) is a biotech company devoted to develop bioprocesses and microbiological expertise for its application in industrial companies, mainly in the oleochemical, bioenergy and biopolymers sectors.

Neol provides environmentally friendly solutions to alleviate global concerns of limited agricultural land and CO2 emissions from petroleum-derived products.

Neol has developed exclusive technologies including:

- Microbiotools by Neol, a technological platform for bioprocesses development created by Neol on the basis of cutting-edge techniques and its exclusive collection of over 9,000 micro-organisms (bacteria, molds, fungi and microalgae) isolated from extreme ecosistems.

- MicroBiOil, a platform to obtain value-added oils from agricultural and industrial by-products.

- TriBioPlast, a technology to produce medium and long chain poly-hydroxy-alkanoates.

- A technology to produce Omega3-DHA-rich oils.

The scientific team of Neol combines an integrated knowledge in microbiology, bioinformatics, gene cloning and development of genetic modification tools with a team of bioprocess engineers with broad industrial experience.

This world-class team accumulates more than 100 publications in scientific journals (including Nature Biotechnology, PNAS, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Molecular Microbiology, Journal of Bacteriology, etc) and more than 30 patent applications on industrial biotechnology.

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