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Neol Biosolutions (Neol) is a 50:50 joint venture between Repsol and the Bioindustrial Division of Neuron Bio.

Neol is devoted to develop and promote bioprocesses and microbiological expertise for its application in industrial companies, specially but not only in the bioenergy and biochemical sectors.

Neol is a perfect fit between the two parent companies that created this joint venture in 2012 : The outstanding research capabilities of the former Bioindustrial Division of Neuron Bio and Repsol´s know-how and experience on exploration, refining and commercialization of crude oil and energy.

Its proprietary culture collection of more than 9,000 microbial strains, as well as its knowledge on industrial biotechnology, allows Neol to be able to support and solve many customers unmet needs.

Neol core values are full commitment with its partners, stakeholders, environmental, social and economic responsibility as well as, ambition, motivation, innovation and continuous improvement, through its very highly qualified team.

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